Features of Laravel

Features of Laravel
  • HTML documents must start with a document type.
  • Laravel provides 20 built in libraries and modules which helps in enhancement of the application. Every module is integrated with Composer dependency manager which eases updates.
  • Laravel includes features and helpers which helps in testing through various test cases. This feature helps in maintaining the code as per the requirements.
  • Laravel provides a flexible approach to the user to define routes in the web application. Routing helps to scale the application in a better way and increases its performance.
4.Configuration Management
  • Web application designed in Laravel will be running on different environments, which means that there will be a constant change in its configuration. Laravel provides a consistent approach to handle the configuration in an efficient way.
5.Query Builder and ORM
  • Laravel incorporates a query builder which helps in querying databases using various simple chain methods. It provides ORM (Object Relational Mapper) and ActiveRecord implementation called Eloquent.
6.Schema Builder
  • Schema Builder maintains the database definitions and schema in PHP code. It also maintains a track of changes with respect to database migrations.
7.Innovative Template Engine
  • Laravel uses the Blade Template engine, a lightweight template language used to design hierarchical blocks and layouts with predefined blocks that include dynamic content.
  • Laravel includes a mail class which helps in sending mail with rich content and attachments from the web application.
  • User authentication is a common feature in web applications. Laravel eases designing authentication as it includes features such as register, forgot password and send password reminders.
  • Laravel uses Redis to connect to an existing session and general-purpose cache. Redis interacts with session directly.
  • Laravel includes queue services like emailing large number of users or a specified Cron job. These queues help in completing tasks in an easier manner without waiting for the previous task to be completed.
12.Event and Command Bus
  • Laravel 5.1 includes Command Bus which helps in executing commands and dispatch events in a simple way. The commands in Laravel act as per the application’s lifecycle.