Introduction, History and evolution of PHP

History of PHP
  • The full form of PHP is Personal Home Page but nowadays also known as PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • PHP was developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and appears in the market in 1995.PHP syntax is borrowed from C, C++, and Java language.
  • PHP interpreter is implemented as a module on a PHP code processed on a web server, apparition, or as a CGI(Common Gateway Interface) executable.
  • The standard PHP interpreter, powered by the Zend Engine, is free software released under the PHP License. PHP deployed on most web servers on all operating systems and platforms, free of charge.
  • PHP is widely used as a server-side HTML scripting language.

Evolution of PHP
Version Name Release Date
1.0 PHP/FI 1 November 1997
2.0 PHP/FI 2 8 June 1995
3.0 PHP 3 6 June 1998
4.0 PHP 4 22 May 2000
5.0 PHP 5 13 July 2004
6.x PHP 6 Not released
7.0 PHP 7 3 December 2015
7.4 PHP 7.4 28 November 2019
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