How to install PHP

Install PHP
  • Install PHP to required AMP (Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Required install 1.webserver ,2.MySQL, 3.PHP
  • Popular software are available in the market that is given below
  • XAMPP for Windows,Linux,MacOS
  • MAMP for Mac
  • LAMP for Linux
  • WAMP for Windows

Download PHP.

Install Xampp
  • downloading xampp server according to your window requirement.
  • img1
  • Click a downloading xampp.exe file and then click the next button.
  • img2
  • select the components you want to install, which you want to install and click Next button.
  • img
  • Please, Choose a folder to install XAMPP, and click next button.
  • img
  • XAMPP control panel for windows supports different languages, and click next button.
  • img
  • Click next button.
  • img
  • Setup is now ready to begin installing XAMPP on your computer and Click next button.
  • img
  • And now start an installing process and wait to end the process.
  • img
  • Setup has finished installing XAMPP on your computer, and click on finish button.
  • img
  • Choose your preferred language.
  • img
  • XAMPP Control Panel.
  • img
  • XAMPP Control Panel and start Apache and MySQL to start PHP run successfully.
  • img
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