Introduction of MySQL Database

PHP MySQL Database
  • In php, you can create database and other use of like connect,delete,update,select etc.
  • In this tutorial we use MySQL, it is popular database.
What is MySQL?
  • This database system work with web,and sotred data in table form.
  • MySQL is used with all web applications include small web applications.
  • MySQL fast and easy to use database system, beacuse it is used standard sql.
  • MySQL is developed and owner by oracle corporation,and free to use database system.
  • In mysql database system information store in table vise categories.
  • For database
    • student
    • teacher
    • standerd
    • other tables.

Database Queries
  • In query (it is request to send a database) we can save a specific data store or manipulate data into database.
  • For Example

SELECT * FROM student;
In this query retrieve all data into "student" table

Note : in xampp or any server in your computer mysql are already avilable and you can download from hear